Taxable Weight

Taxable Weight

The weight calculation and the actual volume of shipment

Weight is one of the main factors that determine the final cost of shipment.
But also the volume occupied is important.
In the road transport sector it is taken as the standard reference volume weight ratio of 1:300
It’s assumed that a cubic meter of shipment weights 300 kg.

Shipping rates are calculated based on the total actual weight or the total dimensional weight (also called taxable) of all the packages that are part of an expedition.

What is the volumetric weight or taxable

The volumetric weight (or taxable) You are obtained by multiplying the volume of the neck (obtainable in turn by multiplying width x length x height) with the weight-volume ratio of the expected contract.

For example, consider a package that weighs 15 kg and measure cm. 50 x 30 x 60.
Multiply 0.50 x 0.30 x 0.60 we get 0.09 (volume del collo).
Multiply the volume 0.09 x 300 (weight / volume under consideration) we get the taxable weight of 27 kg.

The Client is advised to carefully check.

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